Michigan Dog Guard Dog Fence

  • Michigan Dog Guard has 15 years of experience providing a safe, out of site dog fencing system for your pets.
  • Michigan Dog Guard will provide a premium pet containment system and all support necessary in it’s execution.
  • Michigan Dog Guard will provide future support in a timely manner and continue to value our relationship with our customers.
  • Michigan Dog Guard will provide this quality service at a lower price making us the best value in the business!

Michigan Dog Guard Electronic Dog Fencing

  • Installation
    The JANICK™ 1500 trencher has set the bar for the electronic dog fencing industry. It has a 15 horsepower engine, heavy electronic dog fencing wire installerduty hydraulics, and all of the features that a professional electronic dog fencing installer will need. This trencher is for installers putting in several Dog Guard® fences per week through difficult conditions. This machine provides plenty of power for a 15″ blade and is an excellent choice for clean and specialized electronic dog fencing installation.Because we use professional equipment, Michigan Dog Guard will provide you with the heaviest wire and most consistent burial. We provide top of the line electronic dog fencing equipment with our personal guarantee.
  • Training
  • Tech Support
  • Sales & Presentation

What is an Underground Fence

Michigan dog guard containment system is not an electric dog fence! The buried 
wire is not charged. Michigan dog guard and other underground fence systems 
are forms of  underground fence products which use a radio frequency signal. 
Your dog wears a computer collar that searches for the radio signal. Michigan 
dog guard buried underground fence should not be mistaken as an electric fence. 
They are underground radio fences, not electric fences.

Dog Guard® Fencing

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After trying to contact and actually talk to the Dog GuardGuard rep in the Lansing area for over 2 months we finally got Jamie ‘ s name and called him for help. He was so nice and accommodating that it was unbelievable. We set up an appointment that day so we could get our new puppy accustomed to the underground fencing. Which was put in by the Lansing area man 10 years ago. Jamie is fantastic. I am so pleased that I will now be qble.to have my “Zoey ” outside with me to run and play.

Thank you so much Jamie. You are a lifesaver. Thanks for the help.
Company overall performance: 5 Stars (5 / 5)

Absolutely the BEST DECISION WE EVER MADE! The product is premier, the customer service is exceptional. The owner is more then willing to take your call or email at any time and give tips and advice on how to continue the training to the maximum benefit. Seriously couldn’t have asked for anything better. I did research and more research and I am so happy this was the choice I made. Jamie showed up for his appointment, installed the dog fencing in a couple hours, went over training with our dogs.. and within a few days with the techniques he showed us, our dogs were running freely in the yard. I would highly recommend this product to anyone.. we are very happy electric dog fence owners and we have two puppies we know will be safe.

Thank you Jamie and Dog Guard!

Company overall performance: 5 Stars (5 / 5)

The dog guard fence has been great for our beagle, Spirit. She loves spending time in the yard. We love it because we know that she’s safe. We were a little concerned that Spirit might ‘jump the fence’ because she tends to follow her nose wherever it leads her! However, she was easily trained in a few days and we haven’t had any problems with her leaving the yard. Jamie has been very easy to work with, and I’d highly recommend him to anyone who was considering an underground dog fence.

Heather H., Hartland, MI

Company overall performance: 5 Stars (5 / 5)

Just wanted to give you the update that your electric dog fence product is by far the best thing we ever did. The dogs are completely off leash, able to go out unsupervised, they don’t go anywhere near the flags, they run jump and play and there is no worry about them trying to escape. They haven’t even tried to go after the deer, other dogs, or anything. They avoid the flags and don’t even rush people in the driveway. It has also helped with other discipline. It has been absolutely wonderful and I will forever be grateful.
In terms of Spring work, I have discussed with the builder about the fence and when they give us a date that they will be there for final grade of the yard I will be in touch to discuss the best plan of action around getting the dog fencing taken care of so that it doesn’t get ruined before you can bury it.

Thanks again for everything! Amber Shea

Company overall performance: 5 Stars (5 / 5)

Hi Jamieunderground Fences Howell, MI Thank You so much for coming out to my house and fitting my dog with a new collar the same day I called. I’ve had my electric dog fence for 11 years and have been completely happy with the unit and service you provide. I always get my questions answered and prompt service. Also you work great with the dogs. I have to say Dog Guard is one of the best investments I have ever made.

Thank You Geri, Howell, Michigan
Company overall performance: 5 Stars (5 / 5)

Jambrie Smoke BBQ
Dear Jamie Guay,
I write this as a letter of recommendation for you, the man, Jamie Guay, and his business Dog Guard. I met Jamie a couple years ago when negotiating a wired security fence to keep my two dogs in the yard. I went with Jamie and Dog Guard because of his personality and apparent integrity. I couldn’t be more satisfied with him and the Dog Guard product. I am a businessman who is also a pastor. As a pastor I do a lot of work in Haiti helping a church and an orphanage. To my surprise, Jamie recently called me and said he wanted to support my ministry in Haiti by funding a BBQ luncheon through his meat smoking hobby (jambriesmokebbq.com). Out of the goodness of his heart he volunteered time, equipment and food for our fund raiser. Last weekend we raised over $4,000.00 with Jamie’s support.

Jamie…Thank you for being the principled man of integrity that you are, and thank you for your compassion and support.
Pastor Tom Donnelly
Company overall performance: 5 Stars (5 / 5)

We love our DOG GUARD system! From day 1, Ginger has been kept safe while allowing her the best of all things healthy dogs require- SPACE to run and play! With 3 active boys and an active Puggle…

Company overall performance: 5 Stars (5 / 5)

I would recommend Dog Guard to anyone who wants dog fencing for their animal. Jamie was nothing but professional and courteous right from the start. He was even willing to give up his personal time to come over and help with an issue with my sprinkler system (one that was installed incorrectly. Jamie was even able to speak with my sprinkler repair man to get me the best service there as well!) Overall, I feel that Jamie has good customer service and is knowledgeable about his system. He was great with training both my 12 year old dog as well as my new puppy. He was patient and kind with me as well as the dogs.
Thank you to Jamie for your professionalism and good work ethic. Seems these days it is harder and harder to find this type of service.

Katie Whitty

Company overall performance: 5 Stars (5 / 5)

Hi Jamie:
Thanks for your great work. We have recommended you to several neighbors. Best Regards! Flint Pet Fences We got an English Black lab (Jack) a couple of months ago and decided to purchase an invisible fence. From the first phone call, to installation and beyond, Michigan Dog Guard has been fantastic. Jamie is extremely knowledgeable and helpful. He was willing to give us an estimate on a Sunday and install the dog fence within several days afterwards. The training he provided Jack was spot on and the dog fencing was definitely worth every penny. We can let Jack outside and never have to worry. He has never even gone near the fence lines and enjoys the freedom of the yard. Jamie is very responsive, even long after we got the dog fencing installed. He is always willing to answer questions. I would highly recommend this company. Many companies have lost sight of true customer service. Michigan Dog Guard hasn’t – thank you!

The Welch Family

Company overall performance: 5 Stars (5 / 5)